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Copyright ⰰ3 AirSecure, LLC All Rights Reserved.
Legal Notice
AirSecure provides wireless security solutions that protect your airwaves continuously by:
  • Identifying unauthorized or "rogue" wireless activity
  • Detecting accidental wireless associations
  • Exposing wireless attacks
  • Monitoring the performance of authorized wireless activity
  • Discovering existing wireless network vulnerabilities
Designed for varying degrees of wireless security requirements and resources, AirSecure's flexible options ensure we can meet your company's specific needs. Our solution set can be segmented into two distinct offerings based upon your company's current posture in one or more of the following criteria:

Security Policies Staffing, Time Wireless Utilization,Current
Budget Staffing, Knowledge Wireless Utilization, Future

By discussing these areas of your business with us, we can both evaluate your needs and propose an appropriate solution. Ultimately, you can be confident of either having purchased or outsourced a solution that will meet your company's unique demands.

AirSecure's wireless security solutions are built upon the hardware and software of AirDefense. AirDefense is an international leader for wireless security and a strategic partner of AirSecure.

They have built a feature-rich, distributed platform comprised of remote sensors and a centralized server appliance (Diagram A). Vendor agnostic, the AirDefense platform monitors all 802.11 air traffic (a/b/g) generated from all types of both wireless access point and client card manufacturers. Furthermore, it scales from a single location to hundreds.

The AirDefense Wireless LAN Monitoring Platform

In summary, to both confidently protect and effectively manage your company's airspace, AirDefense provides the only comprehensive product upon which you can build your wireless security strategy.

Managed Services Offering

For those companies which require only a portion of the capabilities and benefits of a wholly-owned solution, AirSecure offers Air Traffic Controller.

Air Traffic Controller (ATC) is a 24x7 wireless security monitoring service. This service is specifically designed for companies who partially align (or in-whole) to our needs assessment:

Security Policies Staffing, Time Wireless Utilization, Current
- Gov. Compliance
(e.g. HIPPA, GLBA)
- In development
- Limited to none - Limited to none
Budget Staffing, Knowledge Wireless Utilization, Future
- Limited
- Expense authority
(operational vs. capital)
- Limited to none - Limited to none

ATC meets these needs by monitoring your airspace continuously for detection of rogue access points, wireless intruders and wireless attacks. AirSecure will alert you of a potential attack while also providing valuable information necessary to remedy the situation. For companies subject to internal management or external compliance audits, periodic reporting is available.

With the ATC service, AirSecure offers your company an easy and affordable means to utilize the wireless security and intrusion detection functionality of the Air Defense platform today for a low monthly fee.

AirSecure provides the server, programming, and physical monitoring. By utilizing your existing internet connectivity your company's only additional costs beyond the ATC service is merely to purchase or lease the sensors. It's that simple! By selecting AirSecure's network services offering, you can even bundle low cost internet or network connectivity. It is also likely that your company is eligible for sufficient price break on your existing network services that you can subsidize the ATC service with the monthly savings you realize. Regardless, AirSecure's ATC flexible nature can meet both your needs and your budget.